300 dpi… Converted fonts to curves… CMYK versus spot-color process… rasterized versus bitmap imaging… seems like a daunting task? Don’t fret, Wreckless Apparel is here to help. With all the advancements in today’s digital graphic imaging, it’s no surprise that many people just don’t have the time to keep up with all the specific requirements needed for the wide variety of printing processes. Business cards require 4-color bitmap images, screen printing requires color separated spot-color vector imaging, embroidery requires specific digitization for thread count… the list goes on and on. Not to mention the sizing requirements, output file types, and the variety of color modes and models. This is why Wreckless Apparel’s graphic designers do just that… Graphic Design. All day. Every day.
So don’t worry about what type of file you have, or if you even have a file at all. That’s what our graphics department is here for. We can set up your existing graphics for the specific print needs of your project, or we can create or re-create any ideas you have from scratch. Then we’ll be sure to ALWAYS send you a proof, and let you tell us what types of revisions you would like to see. With competitive hourly rates MUCH lower than the competition’s, you can afford to team up with Wreckless Apparel’s graphics department to really see your brand come to life! After all, we’re more than just graphic designers, we’re graphic ARTISTS! Still want to see specific print requirements? View our Artwork FAQ page.